Can You Shave After a Spray Tan? What Should You Do?

Can You Shave After a Spray Tan-Spray tanning can be an extremely delicate process, however, it’s not rocket science? Although the process is easy, you should do certain things post-tan to ensure that you get and maintain a darker-colored shade, including shaving.

Do you have to shave after a spray tan? Although it is possible to shave straight away after a spray-tan session, it’s not recommended as it may strip away the tanning agent, sometimes leaving patches of brown Tan. Ideally, you should delay for 12 hours before shaving. Check out the specifics and what we suggest.

What are Shaving and Spray Tanning Difference?

When you are in for spray tanning, the professional uses a spray tanning solution onto your skin using a spray gun. The solution has bronzer and DHA that act on your skin to give you the appearance of tanning.


The bronzer can help you create a golden shimmer. DHA binds with the amino acids found in the dead skin cells located in the uppermost layer of the skin epidermis. Through its interaction with these cell types, DHA assists in darkening your complexion. The shade you achieve depends on your skin type, the shade you choose, and how you prepare yourself for the spray tan.

shaving procedure

A shaving procedure strips the epidermis of hair and removes a thin layer of skin. If you decide to cut your hair following a spray tan appointment, you may also exfoliate dead skin cells on the topmost layer of skin and take off the Tan to reduce the Tan.

The entire process is fast, easy, and straightforward. There aren’t many possibilities for things to fail.

Some pro tips

But, there are some aspects of sunless tanning you must consider and be aware of. For instance, you need to be sure that you’re not using any other skin treatments during your spray tanning sessions (like sauna or spa treatments, for instance.).

Do not apply antiperspirant or deodorant just before heading to your tanning salon. It would help if you didn’t take a shower or swim for a minimum of 8 hours following your session, and the list goes further…

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Can You Shave After a Spray Tan?

This is the most frequently asked and frequent issue in spray tanning. And the answer is yes – shaving is possible both before and after your session; however, there are guidelines to be followed.

Tips for Shaving Before your Spray Tan

Our team here from Artesian Tan recommends shaving for a full day before the spray tanning session. This will remove your skin’s dead cells and let the tanner be set more effectively.

Both waxing and shaving give a smoother skin that a specialist in spray tanning to work on. This ensures that your Tan is superior in quality because the skin that has been exfoliated doesn’t have dry patches, which can cause inconsistent results when you spray Tan.

Special Tip for Women with Dark hair

People with very coarse hair must trim it at least one night before their appointment. This will allow your pores the chance to relax before your appointment.

If your pores are exposed during the tanner solution application, the solution cannot get within the skin’s pores. This can result in the appearance of infamous “polka dots.

Special Tip for Women with Light hair

Hairy ladies do not have to fret too much about shaving since they can easily shave the day before their spray tanning appointments.

Tips on Shaving Following the Spray Tan Treatment

Shaving does more than just cut your hair. It also exfoliates your skin in a significant way. You must wait at least 8 hours after the spray tanning session has ended since the tanner needs that time to develop.

There are many ways to accomplish this right:

Use the New Razor

Chances are your old and who-knows-how-many-times used razor is pretty dull and dirty. It could cause a lot of friction on your skin, which will eliminate the tanning. Be sure to purchase the latest model that can effortlessly glide across your skin without taking the spray tan.

Do not Use Shaving Foam.

Shaving foam and similar shaving products contain ingredients (like alcohol and strong detergents) that could harm your Tan’s sunless.

If it’s essential to apply something that can serve as shaving foam, try using a conditioner or shower gel. But be sure that they do not contain sulfate. There are also shaving creams you can apply that are specially designed for sunless tanning.

Do It Carefully

When shaving, do not press too hard. If you do, the razor will scrape away your tanning agent.

Tips to prevent dark self-tanner spots on the legs:

Cut in the direction of the growth of hair. I am sure you won’t be able to achieve as close a shaving, but it will still leave hair follicles cloaked, preventing the tanner from getting in the pores.

Wash your legs in cold water following shaving to seal up the pores. Tanning can help decrease the strawberry leg because warmth opens pores.

  • Use a clean razor.
  • Remove hair by exfoliating.
  • Make sure you moisturize after shaving.
  • Take 24-48 hours following shaving to allow your hair to grow and fill the hair follicle. Also, allow your skin to relax and close the pores.
  • Shaving After Spray Tan

Does the spray tan fade after shaving?

Yes, shaving can exfoliate the skin; therefore, if you decide to shave immediately after the spray tan, DO NOT USE FOR 24 HOURS after applying your spray tan to shave.

Closing remarks

 Shaving products often contain ingredients that could harm your tanning. The use of heavy detergents and alcohol could dry out your Tan and take it away. If you are in a pinch, apply your conditioner or shower wash, which is free of sulfate to ensure you’re not applying harsh chemicals to your freshly spray-tanned Tan.

 Pick one of the safe sunless shaving lotions I’ve listed in my shopping list. If your razor has a moisturizing strip, ensure you rinse all the product off your skin. ADVICE: Never dry shaving.

Do not shave every day after applying your spray tan for as long as possible. The more you keep shaving, the more quickly you’ll lose the shade.

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