John Boyega is a heartthrob in the acting world. He has starred in popular films such as "Attack the Block" and "Star Wars:

The Force Awakens," making him one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood. But is he single? According to reports, Boyega is currently single and has been for some time.

 A source close to Boyega told The Sun that he's not interested in dating anyone and prefers to focus on his work.

According to John Boyega, he's noticed he has become very disciplined with respect to dating preferences, saying that he will only date black women.

The Star Wars actor, who is set to star beside Viola Davis in the forthcoming movie The Woman King, recently provided this reaction to GQ Hype,

citing that his relationship with his parents has had a strong influence on him. Generally, find out about each other for several decades.

Boyega apparently wants that some semblance of love as he told the story, All I see today are my dark-colored dates,

Then it's about chemistry, personality, and needs. Is there a synergy? If I can help, Can I help you? Surely, I am particularly disciplined in the type of woman I talk to.

 They don't like the view of you in the boardrooms. Being in the public eye, they'd like it if you had a spouse and children.

The actor, who is a British citizen, states that he aspires to create something as strong as the connection his parents share with each other.

However, in order to do something similar, he would only be able to do it with a woman of color. john boyega, john boyega movies, john boyega star wars, john boyega net worth