Taylor Swift has revealed that Jack Antonoff helped make her latest album, "Midnights." "Inside Look at theMaking of Taylor Swift's New Album

 The 26-year-old singer took to Instagram to post a behind-the-scenes video of the recording process, which shows Antonoff in the studio with her.

 "He helps me finish this album," Swift says in the video. "I love him so much."In addition to Midnights, Antonoff has worked on albums for artists like Halsey and Charli XCX.

The clips show Swift lolling with her cats, strolling through the snow, playing the piano, recording vocals, viewing prototypes for her vinyls, and sharing a laugh with Antoneff,  

who has produced several albums for her, including some of Ever More, much of Folklore With the National’s Aarondesigner, and nearly all of Lover.,

It can help you tell time.”, In the video, all four of the vinyl editions are arranged in a square on the wall with a place holder resembling clock hands in the center.

The records were placed on a holding shelf, with each featuring a single word from the album’s tagline: Meet Me At Midnight.

This is a musical account of terrors and good dreams, Swift stated in a press release. The groupings we pace, and the scars we battle.

 For all of us who have tossed and turned over the past hours and ended up reaching out for a lamp hoping that when twelve o'clock comes, we will encounter ourselves.