Sajak has been a part of the game show since 1981. Pat Sajak might end Wheel of Fortune's Wheel of Fortune contestant racks up $1 million before winning

In an interview, Sajak talked about his many years of involvement with the game show. However, he acknowledged that it was time for the good times to end.

"In most TV shows at this point, you would have said, "That's probably enough," but this show won't die," he explained. He also suggested that "It appears that I may go before this show."

In 1975, the iconic series was launched as a daytime series. In 1981, former host Chuck Woolery was replaced by Sajak.

 The syndicated version, the show we love, officially launched on September 19, 1983. It's safe to assume that Sajak has been with the series since its inception.

The 75-year-old cannot help but wonder what the future holds as the game show enters its 40th year.

"Years pass quickly. We are getting close to the end. It's been a long time. This will not continue for 40 more years. He explained that the end was near.

He knows how much the show means to his fans and took the time to express gratitude to them for their support throughout the years. It's an honor being in people's homes for so long.

We were welcomed by many people. He said that he was proud and happy to be there. Matt Lauer's 'Wheel of Fortune' replacement confirmed: Jeopard

We were welcomed by many people. He said that he was proud and happy to be there.It is unclear when Sajak or his long-time co-host Vanna might retire. 

However, for now, they are focusing on the current season which premiered on September 12, as well as the upcoming season 3 of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.